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The Verju Trim Body Sculpting Laser Technology can help you lose weights, change your body shape and can reduce the appearance of cellulite - in as little as three weeks!

This is the only FDA-approved laser treatment to help you get rid of body fat for good. This laser can only be purchased by a physician due to the medically advanced outcome of the results.

The Verju technology uses low-level lasers to target ceullulite in 30-minute treatment sessions!

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Trim Body Sculpting is a painless, noninvasive body contouring procedure using the Verju Laser by Erchonia. 


The Verju uses 6 green diode heads to treat 6 areas of the body during one single session.  That is more fat reduction in less time.​


It's noninvasive, painless, and effective.

Trim body sculpting laser body fat removal Naperville
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